Struggling in my updates

Here I am again, I am feeling like how to start my articles. I have lots of things to write, but I don’t know where to start. I think I am experiencing writer’s block or whatever. With this article, I am struggling on what to type. I even transferred setting on the floor as I feel like I can write more whenever my legs are elevated straight. I hope I can write for to all of my blogs since it is already few days passed since the first day of the month. Tsk!

Need to move forward

I need to keep moving forward. Never giving up is not easy but I need it. No matter what it takes, I need to be moving forward. There are things that I do not want to do, but I got to do it. I need to work. I need to push myself forward to change my life.

Blended learning for my little 1st grade

When I sent my kid to their school this morning for a one day a week meet up for their blended learning, I was happy that she found a friend so easily. I waved her goodbye but she wasn’t paying attention coz she was amazed with the girl that approached her. I was so happy seeing her enjoy the day.

I will be back in her school before 11AM to pick her up. So happy to see my kid happy in meeting new kids like her age.

In buying your car for your freedom and independence

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Cleaning the other room

As I am too busy in preparing for homeschooling this August 14th, I got no enough time for my blog writing. Another thing is that I am cleaning the other room and hopefully I can fix it before Monday so that my kids can use it. I am crossing my fingers if I can empty that room from all of my things. But I am doing my best. Hopefully, I can empty that room so that it will be functional after all these years.

Oh dear life

I know most wives are being given allowances every month so that they can buy or pay whatever they want to. They are so lucky to have a life like that. They are so blessed in life. Yet, I know even if their lives are okay compared to other women, they are still complaining a lot in life. What if they will put their shoes on the shoes of those who will work so hard so as to pay for their own debts? Oh dear life!

When could it be?

Sometimes I feel frustrated thinking about my papers for travel and some vacations back home. This is because I do not have enough funds. It is been several years now that I am far from my family and not even once, I have my vacations. I have heard that I need to save on my own so that I can have a vacation. If this is so, whatever I will be earning, I need to save every penny of it. I will only spend something whenever I need to buy gas for my car. Other than that, I will not use my money. I hope I can save something out of my small income on the internet. But when could I possibly save enough? When can I travel back home with my family?

Appearance or character

“A beautiful appearance will last few decades but beautiful personality will last a lifetime.”  – Unknown

This saying is true.  Nothing will last but the true character of a person.  If a person has the face, then that is a plus for her/him.  But if his character is not good, then, the face is just useless.  If a person is not gifted with the beautiful appearance and he/she does not have good character, then I guess, that is not a good thing.

Of course I know how to pray the rosary

When I asked my mother that if possible she would send me some rosaries and crucifixes, she did what I requested from her. She also included a prayer leaflet of how to pray the rosary because she thought I did not know how to pray one. Read the rest of this entry »


Several years ago, I bought a guitar for my eldest son. He was small that time. As a baby he loved to play with it. But one day, I broke that thing. He cried over it. So, I told him that when he will grow big and he will be good with his studies, I will for sure buy seagull guitar at musicians friend for him. If he will be good, then, this will be his precious possession at the right time.