So blessed – thank you Lord

I am so blessed to have good friends who always share their blessings to me. I got these goodies when my friend asked me to drop by at her place to get these bowls that she borrowed from me. And with it, there’s a macaroni salad plus the singcamas. Thank you, Lord God for all the blessings in life.

Do good today so that tomorrow will be good or even best

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. – Ralph Marston

And that is true. Do you believe in it? If you plant good seeds today and take good care of it, rest assured that tomorrow you will have a good harvest. Do good today especially for your family so that they will treasure you beyond a lifetime. Forget the past. All you have is your TODAY so be grateful for it and be positive. Believe in God and believe in yourself. All is well in your life.

How to Increase Ovulation

If you and your man have been trying to conceive for several months and no pregnancy has been achieved, maybe start trying to work on increasing your odds of ovulating on a regular basis before jumping the gun as well. Otherwise, most doctors insist you wait for a full year before exploring other options unless you are 35 years old or older.

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She wants to be a dentist or opthalmologist?

My daughter was so funny when she said, “Oh, I’ll never be a doctor. It hurts my finger (tiny splinter in her finger). I want to be a dentist instead (coz she can pull her own tooth)!” I told her that maybe she can be an eye doctor similar to the person who took his vision exam. And she said, “Oh I want to be a vision. Right! There’s no pain in taking vision exam!”

I told her that when she was like 2 years old, she insisted that she wanted to be a doctor and heal people from sickness. She cried when I opposed her, but now that she’s almost 7 years old she changed her ambition in life. She said that she just wanted to experience no pain. Oh dear!

Struggling in my updates

Here I am again, I am feeling like how to start my articles. I have lots of things to write, but I don’t know where to start. I think I am experiencing writer’s block or whatever. With this article, I am struggling on what to type. I even transferred setting on the floor as I feel like I can write more whenever my legs are elevated straight. I hope I can write for to all of my blogs since it is already few days passed since the first day of the month. Tsk!

Need to move forward

I need to keep moving forward. Never giving up is not easy but I need it. No matter what it takes, I need to be moving forward. There are things that I do not want to do, but I got to do it. I need to work. I need to push myself forward to change my life.

Blended learning for my little 1st grade

When I sent my kid to their school this morning for a one day a week meet up for their blended learning, I was happy that she found a friend so easily. I waved her goodbye but she wasn’t paying attention coz she was amazed with the girl that approached her. I was so happy seeing her enjoy the day.

I will be back in her school before 11AM to pick her up. So happy to see my kid happy in meeting new kids like her age.

In buying your car for your freedom and independence

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Cleaning the other room

As I am too busy in preparing for homeschooling this August 14th, I got no enough time for my blog writing. Another thing is that I am cleaning the other room and hopefully I can fix it before Monday so that my kids can use it. I am crossing my fingers if I can empty that room from all of my things. But I am doing my best. Hopefully, I can empty that room so that it will be functional after all these years.