How to Increase Ovulation

If you and your man have been trying to conceive for several months and no pregnancy has been achieved, maybe start trying to work on increasing your odds of ovulating on a regular basis before jumping the gun as well. Otherwise, most doctors insist you wait for a full year before exploring other options unless you are 35 years old or older.

Sure there is a chance that your man has a fertility issue and that you don’t, but again before jumping to conclusions, there may be ways to help you increase your fertility.

If women are not eating the healthiest foods, living the healthiest lifestyle by lack of exercise, drinking too much coffee, alcohol and smoking, then of course their fertility will be negatively impacted.

There are definitely ways to increase your chances of ovulating on a regular basis and listed below are methods on how to improve ovulation so you can be on a path to conceiving that baby that you have been trying to do.

Reduce Stress

Unfortunately, stress is part of life and it cannot be avoided entirely. You may be having to deal with family that have a tendency to add stress, or your job is keeping you more than busy, so that is adding stress. Finances are always a big stressor. Even the holiday times are fraught with stress. There are no ways to go around that.

However, what you can do is look for ways to relax during your down time. Maybe look into taking a yoga or meditation class. Listen to music that you enjoy, or watch movies or television programs that help you unwind. Read good books, and spend time with friends. All of that can reduce stress and help you manage the day-to-day stress that you are faced with without it affecting you in any other way.

Many women who are under too much stress end up skipping periods, and there is a reason for that. Skipping periods is a sign of irregular ovulation or anovulation. And if you are facing a time when a family member or loved one is not well or is going through a stressful time, creating your own rest and relaxation is even more crucial.

Not to mention, if you are hyperfocused on making a baby, that alone can stress you out! Haven’t you heard of many stories when couples who decide to stop trying for a baby after trying for so long achieve pregnancies within a month or two of making that decision? There is a reason for that. They are less stressed! Stress is a fertility killer.

Start Making Dietary Changes

Many people who are rushing around and not paying attention to what they eat are those who end up getting fast food for meals. Fast food regardless of whether it is a breaded chicken sandwich, a hamburger, fries, cola, and so on is filled with unhealthy trans-fats and low quality carbohydrates which is not only lacking the nutrition you need to function, but it affects your fertility in a negative way.

In fact, whether you are eating a lot of fast food, frozen convenience foods or junk food such as pastries, candies, or potato chips – all of it will hinder ovulation because that they consist of nothing other than simple carbohydrates and trans-fats. There is absolutely no nutritional value in any of those foods.


Even if women are eating a diet consisting of those foods and are still getting regular periods, they may not be releasing healthy and good quality eggs that can be fertilized. The food you eat has a huge impact on fertility.

If you know that you need to make dietary changes, then it certainly is not too late and if you prefer, you can always get a referral to a nutritionist or dietician that has knowledge on how to improve fertility by eating the right types of foods.

Fertility foods consist of complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole-grains- in addition to foods that consist of polyunsaturated fats and iron which actually promote healthy ovulation. Examples of these foods are walnuts, salmon, mackerel, herring and flax seeds.

In fact, unsaturated fats are known to increase fertility by decreasing the resistance to insulin action in tissues because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also recommended to eat more vegetable protein and less animal protein, though animal protein is not harmful to fertility, vegetable protein just helps promote ovulation a little better. Eating eggs and fish certainly can help ovulation a little, but if you add beans, lentils, soy products, tofu and legumes and nuts will certainly help push it along.

Consuming dairy such as plain yogurt, cottage cheese, whole milk and ice cream (but keep the sugar content in mind) can really help promote ovulation. Dairy fats are extremely helpful in increasing female fertility, whereas skim milk, frozen yogurt and sorbet are not good for fertility due to the lack of fats.

Therefore, women who have issues with ovulating regularly need to have a healthy diet and can treat themselves to a sundae twice a week that consists of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed peanuts (the amount of sugar in sundaes eaten twice a week is not enough to have any negative effect on fertility). This will begin to help promote ovulation.

Get to a Healthy Weight

If you are extremely underweight, or extremely overweight, then that will certainly have an impact on ovulation. In other words, weight extremes will have a negative effect on ovulation. In order to be at a weight that is optimal for achieving a pregnancy, then you need to fall into the BMI that is between 20-30 (20-25 is better but a little overweight doesn’t have too much of an effect either- you just need to be mindful to not gain too much during pregnancy if your BMI is over 25).

Women who are looking to conceive and realize they are not at the optimal weight on either end of the spectrum will usually want to work with a nutritionist or dietician to make sure the foods they are eating will help their fertility as well.

Some foods that are designed for weight loss may not be recommended to eat if you want to promote fertility, and on the flip side, underweight women who want to gain weight need to consume healthy high caloric foods.


If you are getting moderate exercise such as taking half hour walks 5 days a week, or alternating aerobic activity with stretching to improve muscle strength, that is perfect in order to help improve fertility. Exercise is important to help reduce insulin sensitivity, and blood sugar and pressure reduction, and blood pressure reduction as well as less cholesterol levels by reducing body fat. Not to mention, exercise helps promote body circulation which again is crucial for fertility. This is why living a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy.

On the flip side, getting too much exercise can also hinder ovulation, as many extremely athletic women have problems with regular ovulation. The human body is not mean to go through intense daily exercise, thus too much exercise can add more stress which is bad for fertility.

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