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Not much sleep and stressed out

For the past days, I did not have much sleep. Why? I was trying to save the blogs that I hosted. My friends who wanted to be hosted by me on my other web hosting, stick with me but there were few whom I refunded. I got no reply from these people and so I decided to give their payment. Anyway, it was not fun having 403 errors on the sites that I host. And that’s why I’ve decided to stop my first web hosting biz for a while. If given the chance, I will have it live again but it would be on another company. I was so stressed.

Oh windows 8

I hate windows 8 especially that my new laptop does not have a touch screen.  I do not want to use this but then it is being given to me so I must learn to use this and love this.  How I wish I can select my brand of computer to buy.  I do not want any Windows computers anymore as I want to try apple computers for a change.  I’ve been using windows computers for all of my life and with this I am already exhausted.  I want to try different OS and different computers.  ARGHHH!

I need a good monitor stand

Really, right now, I need a good monitor stand. The reason why I need it is that, I am hooking my laptop computer to a big monitor using DVI cable and my baby girl kept on switching my monitor on and off. Anyhow, I am doing this because my computer LCD screen was broken since it’s dropped big time yesterday on the floor. It’s just a miracle that computer itself is still functional. I thought I would lose my machine again. However, when I tried linking it to an external monitor, I’ve realize that it’s still okay. Therefore, while waiting for the screen replacement, I need to use this external monitor for now. But then again I need that good stand to keep my monitor higher so that the little monster curious girl cannot reach it. 🙂

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Avoid bad angry bird videos

Every game is nice for kids. Every computer game is nice as well. Watching videos of these games online is also a bit okay. But just don’t let your kids watch violent videos with shouting, throwing, and screaming on it mostly when these videos are angry bird videos. These things have bad impact to kids.

Just like my kid who is into angry bird collections, games, and it seems he is idolizing those video owners who showed their angry videos on the angry birds that they have. My kid right now will just shout, scream, and throw things. If he will get angry, he will sound like those videos that he is watching on you tube. Every time he will do this, it seems I will get crazy. But I need to lengthen my patience since he is just a kid. What I am doing right now is I asked my husband that if possible you tube website will be block in his laptop. Even if it’s already blocked but the kid always remember those videos that he watched. And from morning until bed time at night, he will hum the theme song of angry bird and his voice is kind of harsh voice. Sigh!

Not much sleep :(

I am still so sleepy because I only have less than 3 hours of sleep during early morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop buying new…

As I am giving away some domains for the reason that I can’t take care of it and also I don’t like it, after that thing, I will buy a new one. Read the rest of this entry »