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Blended learning for my little 1st grade

When I sent my kid to their school this morning for a one day a week meet up for their blended learning, I was happy that she found a friend so easily. I waved her goodbye but she wasn’t paying attention coz she was amazed with the girl that approached her. I was so happy seeing her enjoy the day.

I will be back in her school before 11AM to pick her up. So happy to see my kid happy in meeting new kids like her age.

Get your own transcript

Actually, I cannot let you borrow my TOR because it is my own records. If you want, you can request your own records from your previous schools. Besides you are there in the country and you can easily have want you need. Therefore, stop bothering me that you want to borrow my TOR and you want me to edit it because I will not do it.

All is well cheers – submitting all requirements for this school year’s homeschooling

Tomorrow will be the last submission of the lessons for homeschooling but the school’s website is not working until today (it started last Saturday). It’ says that it will be available by 2pm today but it’s now almost 10pm and the website keeps on switching on and off. I hope we can submit everything by tomorrow afternoon. Hope the website will fix fully by then so that all lessons will be submitted and so that we can have grades for this school year. Anyway, everything will be okay. Cheers!

Will still be homeschooling this coming school year

During the last day of the Faith Formation in church, I’ve talked to a kid who’s preparing small white boards for every sits. I asked him what grade he was and his sister. He said that he’s 11th grade and soon they will be homeschooled for the reason that their parents want them to be away from bad influence. I asked him if there really bad influenced in their school and he said, ‘YES, LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSS OF THEM!’ Their parents are active in the community services mostly in church so I think they will be having a normal life while homeschooled.

With that, I thought of pursuing the homeschooling of my kids this coming school and the next years to come. I don’t want them to be bullied or whatever bad things that they will be facing in school. For them to have a normal life, I’ll just bring them out every once in a while so that they can mingle with other kids and they can see people aside from staying in the house, homeschooling, playing computer games, and playing gadget games.

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What’s your life purpose?

Your life purpose involves helping, teaching, and healing children. – Doreen Virtue

As I am contemplating of the things that I have in my life, I am so happy to read these words from Doreen Virtue’s FB page. Anyway, I am praying that God will teach me more patience so that I have the good mind in teaching my kids with their homeschooling and in taking care of them. I can easily raise my voice if I don’t like what they are doing or if they will be talking to back to me. And thanks God for this wonderful message that I’ve read as it opened my eyes. I hope I can apply this in my daily life in taking care of my kids and my family.

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Different types of museums

There are different types of museums in which I did not know before. It is just today that I search on it for the social studies subject of my homeschooled kid. And these are the lists of the different types of museum based in Wikipedia dot org:

Architectural museums
Archaeology museums
Art museums
Biographical museums
Children’s museums
Encyclopedic museums
Ethnology museums
Historic house museums
History museums
Living history museums
Maritime museums
Medical museums
Memorial museums
Military and war museums
Mobile museums
Natural history museums
Open-air museums
Pop-up museums
Science museums
Specialized museums
Virtual museums
Zoological parks and botanic gardens

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Books for homeschooling

The books for homeschooling just arrived. And soon it will be homeschooling days. I hope that my kids will cooperate with his 3rd grade homeschooling this year. I know he is so smart; it is just that he is having a hard time with his writing. He one smart boy I’ve known as I’ve been with so many kids – my cousins and my siblings – but my son is different – he is the smartest kid that I’ve known. The problem with him is his writing as he is a bit lazy. I hope that this year will be a very good year for his home studies. With God’s grace, hope everything will be okay.

Why making simple subjects complex and too hard to solve?

Yes, there are many kids who are smart enough to understand complex in solving mathematics but most of the kids don’t like mathematics. Why are they making Math a complex subject when there is a way of solving it in a simple way? Anyway, I am saying this because of this news in yahoo about a common core – Why making simple things too hard to solve when there’s an easy way to find the answer for it?


Since my bb girl is big already, she knows what she wants to watch. The thing that comforts her most of the time is the ABC show with Elmo. She can request it every day by saying “mo, mo, mo, mo”. Every time she will asks that she wants to watch the ABC she will sound so cute and she will look funny but cute as well.

Reward system

I am so thankful that my kid is doing well with his homeschooling at ABC mouse dot com. In order for him to do his home schooling, I need to make a reward system. Even if the reward will be five candies and XBOX games, it’s just fine for as long as he will do his home studies.

And yesterday, while I was doing chores and cooking for late lunch, I just let him use my computer since his own laptop is already so dirty with detached keys. He had a good progress on it. Though there’s one thing that he needs to do and that is for him to love writing as he doesn’t want to write. It’s just the computer work that he loves doing mostly when there will be games, arts, and more.