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Blended learning for my little 1st grade

When I sent my kid to their school this morning for a one day a week meet up for their blended learning, I was happy that she found a friend so easily. I waved her goodbye but she wasn’t paying attention coz she was amazed with the girl that approached her. I was so happy seeing her enjoy the day.

I will be back in her school before 11AM to pick her up. So happy to see my kid happy in meeting new kids like her age.

Cleaning the other room

As I am too busy in preparing for homeschooling this August 14th, I got no enough time for my blog writing. Another thing is that I am cleaning the other room and hopefully I can fix it before Monday so that my kids can use it. I am crossing my fingers if I can empty that room from all of my things. But I am doing my best. Hopefully, I can empty that room so that it will be functional after all these years.

See yourself living in abundance


See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.
It works every time, with every person.
– Bob Proctor

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