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Wigs can protect natural hair

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

How often will you style your hair? How many times in a month or a year you will visit your favorite salon for your new hair styles?

You know it is always nice to style your hair every day or every once in a while. It will give you fresh new look whenever you will go out to your office or perhaps when you will attend some important occasions. Hair styling is easy as you can use hair curler, hair iron, spray nets and the like. But then sometimes, hair can be affected by harsh chemicals and the heat from hair iron or hair curler. Once your hair will get damage, it will take some time to make it beautiful again.

What can you do to make your hair stylish as often as you want? Okay, the answer is easy! You just got to use any of these wigs for african american women if you may prefer. Yes, wigs can protect your hair from any damages. It can also make you look stylish, elegant and beautiful. Whenever you want to purchase wigs, do check as this online ecommerce stores offers thousands of products that you may like. All the wigs are adorably beautiful. Another thing is that, you can find hair accessories, hair care, and more. Do enjoy their discounted sale products and free shipping in every purchase that you will make. Have fun on your shopping time!

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Tsk not a good dental clinic

I brought my kids to a dental appointment and when I entered the clinic, I didn’t like the ambiance. It was our first time in there as it was the other branch of the clinic that I was using last year. I thought of transferring in there because it’s a bit near my place. Anyway, after filling up the forms, I gave it to them and then they called us up. When we entered the rooms for dental exams, I didn’t like their equipment. It was like the equipment of way back several decades ago. Since I was the only one bringing my kids in there, so I had to transfer from one exam room to another to check my two kids if they were doing fine. When my youngest was finished with her exam and cleaning, I transferred to the exam room of where my son was. The dental in-charge or I didn’t know her specific designation, was typing in the computer wearing gloves and after that she’s using the same gloves in finishing the cleaning of the teeth of my son. So, the result, my kids got sick. I didn’t know if it’s because of that dental clinic or whatever. They were having sore throat, then fever and colds. Tsk, I will not go back in that clinic again. They said to me that I need to schedule the crowns and the sealant of my teeth of my kids but I will not do it in that clinic. I didn’t like their office and all their equipment. It’s just different from the place that I used to let my kids have their dental appointment. Even if I don’t like them, I don’t want to mention their name as I don’t want to ruin their business. It’s up for other parents to discover that place. Tsk!


Water plays a great role in human existence. According to this link in – – it is part hydrogen and part oxygen and it is very important. Not only it is good for humans but water is good for everything in the entire world. As for me, I would love to drink water every day because it helps me feel good and I know it would cleanse my body.

Writing on paper is therapy for me

I remember during the time I used to write bold letters every time I will write on the paper, it seemed like I have a protection around my life. I do not want others to know who I am. But when I started the homeschooling of my son, and learn to use small and capital letters, it seems that my life somehow changes for the better. And I think I will keep on practicing my writing because this is one great therapy for me.

Hard cough

Right now, I am preparing things for the homeschooling of my son this Thursday morning. As of the moment it is still 12:15AM. I hope that he will feel better and so much better in the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Monitoring closely

I wasn’t able to sleep last night. I was able to have my more than an hour of sleep this almost 8am and woke up at passed 9am. I was monitoring closely with the temperatures of my kids since its going high. And this around 10:45am, I brought my kids to the pediatrician’s office to have a Read the rest of this entry »


My 2nd bb was overdue for one day. But before that, I visited the hospital for another IE and the nurse said that I need another week b4 having my bb. And during my DD, I was worried about it ‘coz my bb didn’t come out and I didn’t have a broken BOW. So, I did exercise a lot during that day. I didn’t sit down all day. I also walked a lot inside the house. Read the rest of this entry »

For the first time

Last January 23, 2012, I drove to the pediatrician’s clinic for the first time. Upon seeing my eldest kid being so healthy, it’s then, I was thinking that it’s the best day for him to have his fifth year immunizations. I was too hesitant for him to have his immunization last year since he’s a bit sickly. I was thinking that he can’t bare the five shots in one. And so yesterday, I drove over there and had his surprise Read the rest of this entry »

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