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Choco banana cup cake w/o reg milk, egg and peanuts


1 ½ cups flour (I used all-purpose flour because I cannot find cake flour.)
1cup sugar (I used white sugar.)
1 tsp. baking soda
3 tbsp. cocoa powder
1tsp. salt

6 tbsp. oil (I used corn oil.)
1 ½ cups water (I used cold water. Next time I will use soy milk.)
2pcs banana (blended)

I just mixed all the dry ingredients first on a separate bowl. I also mixed the wet ingredients on the separate bowl. Then, I mixed everything thoroughly. I placed it in cupcake cups with foil and baked it for around 30 minutes.

I thought the result was crappy but then my two kids liked it. They asked me to cook for more. So, today, I will cook Choco-banana cupcakes again together with choco-orange cupcakes. I preferred to have the cake mixture in cups so that my kids will just get one piece at a time whenever they need to eat.

(Note: If preferred sprinkle any confectionaries on top or put a cupcake icing.)

Allergic to something

My kid asked me “mama, please wash my mouth”. I told him, “I already washed your mouth after I helped you brush your teeth”. He said, “But I need to wash my mouth again”. He run to the bathroom and washed his mouth. When I checked on him, he had allergies. His mouth was red all Read the rest of this entry »

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Banana and watermelon smoothie with soymilk is the dessert of the two kiddos today. It is my first time of making smoothie for them. Fortunately, they like it much. The first who drink the smoothie is the girl and the second is the boy. I am glad that they like and love it.

First cake

Since my kid has lots of allergies, he seldom eats the foods that he likes. One of the foods that he’s asking is a cake. And it’s just today that I tried to find an egg free recipe for a banana cake. I cooked during his break time from home schooling. It turned out to be okay although a bit over cooked. Wish I have more time to experiment on foods that are free from eggs, cow’s milk, sea food (especially salmon), and most of all free from peanuts (and other nuts).