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She wants to be a dentist or opthalmologist?

My daughter was so funny when she said, “Oh, I’ll never be a doctor. It hurts my finger (tiny splinter in her finger). I want to be a dentist instead (coz she can pull her own tooth)!” I told her that maybe she can be an eye doctor similar to the person who took his vision exam. And she said, “Oh I want to be a vision. Right! There’s no pain in taking vision exam!”

I told her that when she was like 2 years old, she insisted that she wanted to be a doctor and heal people from sickness. She cried when I opposed her, but now that she’s almost 7 years old she changed her ambition in life. She said that she just wanted to experience no pain. Oh dear!

Tsk not a good dental clinic

I brought my kids to a dental appointment and when I entered the clinic, I didn’t like the ambiance. It was our first time in there as it was the other branch of the clinic that I was using last year. I thought of transferring in there because it’s a bit near my place. Anyway, after filling up the forms, I gave it to them and then they called us up. When we entered the rooms for dental exams, I didn’t like their equipment. It was like the equipment of way back several decades ago. Since I was the only one bringing my kids in there, so I had to transfer from one exam room to another to check my two kids if they were doing fine. When my youngest was finished with her exam and cleaning, I transferred to the exam room of where my son was. The dental in-charge or I didn’t know her specific designation, was typing in the computer wearing gloves and after that she’s using the same gloves in finishing the cleaning of the teeth of my son. So, the result, my kids got sick. I didn’t know if it’s because of that dental clinic or whatever. They were having sore throat, then fever and colds. Tsk, I will not go back in that clinic again. They said to me that I need to schedule the crowns and the sealant of my teeth of my kids but I will not do it in that clinic. I didn’t like their office and all their equipment. It’s just different from the place that I used to let my kids have their dental appointment. Even if I don’t like them, I don’t want to mention their name as I don’t want to ruin their business. It’s up for other parents to discover that place. Tsk!

Thankful the my daughter is okay now

I am looking for the correct weight of a toddler as I am concern with my daughter who was sick for two weeks and hopefully she can recover and have her full health this week. Upon researching, I’ve reached this site – There are many factors in determining the right weight of a toddler. But I do not need to worry about her weight coz I know she can gain it. I am thankful that she is fine now without seizures, diarrhea and vomiting. Her sugar and her sodium are also fine. And I am thankful to God for her health.