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So proud these homeschooled kiddos this year

I am so forgetful and I am a visual person. And it was the reason why when the teacher called up earlier today, when she asked if we were on lesson 86, I said yes to her. That time I was not in the computer to check because I was still cooking. When I logged it for the homeschooling, we were on lesson 85 today and it will be lesson 86 tomorrow. Oh well, we are doing well in our homeschooling this 2017 and I am thankful to God for that. I am proud of my kiddos as they are cooperating in their homeschooling. With my K student, I don’t have problem on her as she is a good girl and she’s a good student. It’s just with my eldest 5th grade wherein I had problem on him last year. But this year, I am proud of him as he is cooperating already. Thanks God.

Paint Your Own Elsa Bank Kit – Sale @ Kohl’s

I told my daughter that if she finished lots of lessons in her, I will buy her the Elsa Bank kit so that she can paint it. And she did a great job in finishing lots of lessons. Yesterday (10/15/2015), I bought her the bank kit at Kohl’s coz it’s on sale. The sale price was only $13.99 instead of $19.99. I was lucky since there was one box left on the shelf. I also had a $5 coupon so instead of paying the full sale price, I paid only $8.22. Isn’t that a good price so that I can give a prize to my daughter? On the other hand, my total savings yesterday was $12.35. Cool!

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Reward system

I am so thankful that my kid is doing well with his homeschooling at ABC mouse dot com. In order for him to do his home schooling, I need to make a reward system. Even if the reward will be five candies and XBOX games, it’s just fine for as long as he will do his home studies.

And yesterday, while I was doing chores and cooking for late lunch, I just let him use my computer since his own laptop is already so dirty with detached keys. He had a good progress on it. Though there’s one thing that he needs to do and that is for him to love writing as he doesn’t want to write. It’s just the computer work that he loves doing mostly when there will be games, arts, and more.

Doing his best

This was one of the percentages that my kid had last week. Hope he will do his best these coming weekdays and will finish lots of lessons. Though, I need to do some reward things for him so that he will do his home schooling. Anyway, I hope this year, I can find a good virtual home schooling for him.

Home schooling updates

This was the last update for my five year old son whom I home schooled. As of the latest, he is on the 97% at level 5 for K. Hope he will reach 100% and will continue on the level 6th – K. After this, I will find an online virtual school for his grade 1 home schooling. It’s nice to homeschool but it needs to have more patience and timing on his mood. Whatever he likes to learn in a day, I will have to give in to it. But sometimes, if I want him to finish at least a level of his, I will have to give some rewards, like visiting the bowling center coz he loves this sport, few minutes ride, or some tasty treats. Home schooling is challenging for me as a FSAHMW (full time stay at home mother/wife).

Comfy arrange place for home schooled kid

Home schooling requires enough space for the home schooled kid. But if there’s not much space, at least, the things for the kid are well arranged. Since the attitude of a kid is kind of “comfy with the messy things”, at least arranging all things will take place during the Read the rest of this entry »

Happy with his kiddy chair

I’ve decide to buy a chair for my eldest five year old kid yesterday because he doesn’t have the right chair for his table. Yes, he has an old chair but it’s a computer chair in which it’s not intended for kid’s use. I know that he is happy with his kiddy chair right now as he is Read the rest of this entry »