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So proud these homeschooled kiddos this year

I am so forgetful and I am a visual person. And it was the reason why when the teacher called up earlier today, when she asked if we were on lesson 86, I said yes to her. That time I was not in the computer to check because I was still cooking. When I logged it for the homeschooling, we were on lesson 85 today and it will be lesson 86 tomorrow. Oh well, we are doing well in our homeschooling this 2017 and I am thankful to God for that. I am proud of my kiddos as they are cooperating in their homeschooling. With my K student, I don’t have problem on her as she is a good girl and she’s a good student. It’s just with my eldest 5th grade wherein I had problem on him last year. But this year, I am proud of him as he is cooperating already. Thanks God.

What’s your life purpose?

Your life purpose involves helping, teaching, and healing children. – Doreen Virtue

As I am contemplating of the things that I have in my life, I am so happy to read these words from Doreen Virtue’s FB page. Anyway, I am praying that God will teach me more patience so that I have the good mind in teaching my kids with their homeschooling and in taking care of them. I can easily raise my voice if I don’t like what they are doing or if they will be talking to back to me. And thanks God for this wonderful message that I’ve read as it opened my eyes. I hope I can apply this in my daily life in taking care of my kids and my family.

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Baby alive

They are so happy for their first baby alive doll. They are amazed when the doll pees water. Haha! Even if it won’t talk, they’re amaze with the dress, the feeding bottle and the diapers.

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Paint Your Own Elsa Bank Kit – Sale @ Kohl’s

I told my daughter that if she finished lots of lessons in her, I will buy her the Elsa Bank kit so that she can paint it. And she did a great job in finishing lots of lessons. Yesterday (10/15/2015), I bought her the bank kit at Kohl’s coz it’s on sale. The sale price was only $13.99 instead of $19.99. I was lucky since there was one box left on the shelf. I also had a $5 coupon so instead of paying the full sale price, I paid only $8.22. Isn’t that a good price so that I can give a prize to my daughter? On the other hand, my total savings yesterday was $12.35. Cool!

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Spending Quality Time with Our Children is Very Important

Time is gold. Spending it wastefully is like spending money like water. For working mothers out there, you can really relate and agree with me that spending quality time with our children is time spent wisely. When our kids grow up into adults they will, of course, not remember the toys and material things we give them when there were kids but the number of times we spend with them and the lessons they learn from us. Personally, I do admire working mothers who also make it a point to balance both work and family time. It is not easy, I know. So, while there is time to spend more quality time with our children, we must as well squeeze them into our busy schedule for time is fleeting. We will only realize how they’ve grown up when they would give us excuses for not going out with us because they too will soon have busier lives. We’ll never know. Only time knows.

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Successful Potty training

Okay every child is different. There are some things that will work for one but will not work for others. Like my son who was potty trained when he was five years old and even until now, he would hold her pooh for as long as he can coz he doesn’t like going in the bathroom for some reasons.

With my son, I could trick him not to pee on his brief because it was cotton but underneath it was a diaper so that any pee would not drain on the floor or on the carpet. Every time he would pee or pooh, he would hug me because he was afraid of the toilet. Like as if it would shallow him down the drain. It took him so long to be potty trained.  To support his potty training, I could give him band aids (with Disney characters on it) in which he called his stickers.

But with my daughter, she’s different. She’s a very independent child and she can do things on her own. I can see it in her that she is a kid that knows how to solve her problems. At the age of nine months old, when she trapped herself on a small chair and her legs was so short, she was having a hard time getting out from that thing, but she managed to get out. From that time, I could see in her eyes that she’s a very resourceful baby and she’s mature for her age. She also can feed her own self at less than a year compared to her brother who’s spoon feed until 7-8 years old. When it comes to food and eating, she would say to me, “Mama, don’t feed me. I can feed my own self. I am a big girl already!” Anyways, going back to potty training!

At first I was having a hard time potty training my youngest three year old daughter Angelica. She refused to sit on her Minnie mouse toilet seat as she liked to just use the #3 or #4 diapers. She would hide every time she would pooh and she would spread her legs every time she would pee to prevent the water from draining down on the floor.

Then, last week and this week, she’s officially potty trained. I am so proud of her. She is so smart to help the family in saving money every month.

How did she do it?
Okay, it is like this! I told her that all her friends are potty trained already and she’s the only one left. In fact, in the family, her daddy, her brother, and I are potty trained long time ago. Her friends Hardy, Sophie, and Gabriel with their parents are potty trained too. Since they’re potty trained they’re saving huge and they’re able to buy lots and lots of toys. Whatever toys they like, they can easily have it as they’re not buying any diapers at all.

I said to her that when she would potty train, it means GIFTS and REWARDS. I asked her, “What rewards do you want to have?” At first, she answered, “Tinker Bell and Doc Mc Stuffin!” I asked her, if she wanted to receive those things, she would decide and make it her career to learn how to pee and pooh on her Minnie mouse potty seat so that we can save and could somehow buy the toys that she wanted.

At first, she mastered the peeing. When she peed first, I told her “Good job Angelica! You are great! I am so proud of you!” And then she would smile and giggle, it seemed that she’s proud of herself too and she’s happy that I recognized her effort. She could proudly say to her father and brother that she peed in the bathroom. Then she asked me, “Can I have my toys now?” I replied, “Ya, you can but first you have to master the “pooh bear thing” so that you can have your rewards. The money that we will buy for your diaper, we have to save it in buying your toys! Do you remember it?” She answered, “Yes mama!” And then that time I was talking to my friend on the phone and my friend promised that if she would potty train, she would receive additional gifts. That also motivated her in her potty training!

Then last week, she was running, holding something in her tummy, and she attempted to hide in the corner. So, I asked her what’s wrong with her and she said her tummy was bothering her. Then, I asked her to sit on her potty seat but she said NO and so I said to her how we could buy her rewards if she would not potty train. Then she said, “Okay! I’ll try!” I remember that when she would do her thing, she would hide, so I just left her in the bathroom and I asked her to call me whenever she’d be finished doing her thing.

Then all of a sudden, she was happily shouting, “Mama, come here! I pooh! I pooh! Now, I can have my rewards, Tinker Bell, Doc Mc Stuffin, Jake and the never land pirates, and…” And the list goes on and on and on! I said to her, “Good job Angelica! Congratulations Angelica! You are great! You break the records! Your brother potty trained when he was five years old but you potty trained when you are just three years old. And you are the youngest to potty trained since your friends got to potty trained when they’re almost four years old! I am so proud of you Angelica!” I potted her head to tell her that she is doing great.  The she gave me a big smile as if it would reach her ears. She announced her potty training to her father and brother in which they were happy too.

On the following day of her potty training, I bought her some rewards. Since I was able to earn something from my online work, I easily bought gifts for her – the new Peppa pig and George pig ice cream cart, and a tinker bell can bag. Her daddy bought her new foam for her bed. She was the happy camper for that day.

Until these days, she’s officially potty trained and she would not use diaper anymore! It helps the family in saving money every month plus it’s environmentally friendly. And here is the funny thing!  Sometimes, she would follow me in the bathroom and when she would hear me peed, she would say to me, “Congratulations mama!  You did it!” I would give her a smile and I would say “Thank you!” He-he!

I thank God for helping me potty trained her. I also thank God for all the Angels and Archangels as they’re here to guide my child in doing well.

I am so proud of my daughter (as well as my son). I love them both!

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Effective Parenting – speak quietly

I was browsing over FB I’ve come across on this message:
Effecting parenting 101
Yelling silences your message. Speak quietly so your children can hear your words instead of just your voice. L.R. Knost

And this is true as I experienced this myself when I was a kid. Now that I am a parent I tend to copy my mother. In fact, I am a replica of her. Now I know this thing, it is time for me to lower my voice as they said that I have a “nice voice” and so I need to use it in speaking with my kiddos. I love them so much and so I am willing to change for the better so that they cannot experience what I have had when I was young.

Strict rules from parents? It helped me in my life

When I was a kid, the teaching of my parents was that I needed to make good with my studies because it’s the only thing that no one can take away from me. They also kept on saying that good education was the only thing that they can give to me as the best inheritance. Even if my Read the rest of this entry »

Thankful the my daughter is okay now

I am looking for the correct weight of a toddler as I am concern with my daughter who was sick for two weeks and hopefully she can recover and have her full health this week. Upon researching, I’ve reached this site – There are many factors in determining the right weight of a toddler. But I do not need to worry about her weight coz I know she can gain it. I am thankful that she is fine now without seizures, diarrhea and vomiting. Her sugar and her sodium are also fine. And I am thankful to God for her health.