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When could it be?

Sometimes I feel frustrated thinking about my papers for travel and some vacations back home. This is because I do not have enough funds. It is been several years now that I am far from my family and not even once, I have my vacations. I have heard that I need to save on my own so that I can have a vacation. If this is so, whatever I will be earning, I need to save every penny of it. I will only spend something whenever I need to buy gas for my car. Other than that, I will not use my money. I hope I can save something out of my small income on the internet. But when could I possibly save enough? When can I travel back home with my family?

Appearance or character

“A beautiful appearance will last few decades but beautiful personality will last a lifetime.”  – Unknown

This saying is true.  Nothing will last but the true character of a person.  If a person has the face, then that is a plus for her/him.  But if his character is not good, then, the face is just useless.  If a person is not gifted with the beautiful appearance and he/she does not have good character, then I guess, that is not a good thing.

Of course I know how to pray the rosary

When I asked my mother that if possible she would send me some rosaries and crucifixes, she did what I requested from her. She also included a prayer leaflet of how to pray the rosary because she thought I did not know how to pray one. Read the rest of this entry »


Several years ago, I bought a guitar for my eldest son. He was small that time. As a baby he loved to play with it. But one day, I broke that thing. He cried over it. So, I told him that when he will grow big and he will be good with his studies, I will for sure buy seagull guitar at musicians friend for him. If he will be good, then, this will be his precious possession at the right time.

Love God, respect others and own self

With all of what is, happening today is I think a wakeup call for each and everyone around the globe to give importance to human interaction especially family interaction and relationship. It will be like giving importance to relationship rather than giving importance to technologies, gadgets, and other material things in the world. The things in the society needed to happen so that people will not focus on the earthly things. I think it is the time to think a little bit of the spiritual side, and bringing oneself closer to God. Put God first and then love others and love one own self. Give respect to everyone!

Who’s pretty?

I ask my youngest who is pretty and her answer is “me” as she believes she is pretty. I ask her who’s handsome and her answer is “Justin and Daddy. I ask her again who is pretty, but still her answer is “me” consistently. Then I ask her if it is just her who is pretty and her mama is not pretty. She says, “Oh you are pretty mama, like me”. I ask her again of who is pretty this time. But she is so consistent that she is pretty and she is not mentioning her mama. LOL maybe she is thinking that her mama is either pretty or handsome looking mama. LOL

Discipline so that they will appreciate relationship and not toys

I am so tired of hearing the fights over space because of girl’s toys. Well, siblings’ rivalry but I am tired of it. And so that thing that I will do for my two kids is for them to miss their toys. I have to remove all of their toys so that they will appreciate each other’s presence. I cannot spank them or whatever punishment. The only punishment I can give them is to get all of their toys away from them. The eldest is complaining about Barbie stain and other girl’s stuff and the small one is teasing. I am tired of being the referee of their fights. I will be having heart attack with it. If I can have the capacity right now to buy a huge house for them to have their own space I will do it but I don’t have. All I can is to stay in this mobile home and that’s it. Now, to give them enough space, all their toys will be removed. It will just be one toy left for them. This is just a slight discipline for them.

Grounded for a day

My kids had arguments over watching TV early in the morning. They were fighting a lot. And so as a mother I had to be in the middle. I switched off the TV. They were still fighting and saying words to themselves. Until I told them that today they are grounded with their TV watching plus they will not be having gadgets and no computer.

As of the moment, they are just humming songs that they only can understand. They are trying to play with papers, and other stuff.

Haha, now it is going to be a healthy day as there will be less technology in the house LOL.

Excited for summer vacation

I am so excited as it is almost summer vacation. It means that my kids and I will be off for homeschooling. We will be having lots of fun this year. With God’s grace, I hope I can bring them to parks, libraries, and other places that they will be having fun. Home schooling is good but I need to bring them out so that they can mingle with other people and see the real world outside our home sweet home.

Keyboard piano at

As I want to learn how to play musical keyboard, I am looking for keyboard piano at First, I need to have a good brand of musical keyboard for me to be able to practice the songs that I want to play. Second, I need to find a good teacher or a good music learning school so as for me to learn even just the basic of piano. And I want to do this thing like around May or June this year. I am so excited for this new adventure of mine. So, what are the things that you want to explore in your life this year?