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Authentic Michael Kors Cross body bag

Authentic Fulton MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag FREE SHIPPING
Original Price: $228.00
Buy it now @ discounted price
Color: black
Material: Leather

This is so Beautiful!

2 top zipper closures
middle snap closure with 6 card slots, and 3 pockets
1 back packet

Height: about 6 1/2″
Width: about 8 3/4″

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Prepare Now for the New Season

The period between the beginning of the new year and the first days of spring is one of the most important – and neglected – times of a person’s life.  People spend much of that time worrying about financial matters, coping with the whiles of the winter, and recuperating from the exertions of the recently passed holiday season that they tend to forget that this is the best time to take aim upon the target of achieving the physical condition they seek to have in the upcoming spring and summer.  Yet one can take just a few brief tactics in order to fit into that new spring dress or summer bathing suit that you want to get from Hudson’s Bay.  So here are a few tips to make that process enjoyable and easy.  Initiating them – along with others that you can pick up on line or from good sources – can go far towards assuring that those great new outfits you bought with Groupon will look  their best on you this coming season.

Adopt a proactive exercise policy.  For example, go for walks as much as possible rather than driving or using mass transit.  Walk to and from your job every day.  If that isn’t feasible, then make it your rule to park far from your building and walk from the parking space to the work.  (The convenience of dedicated employee parking is not so beneficial when you think about how much exercise you are sacrificing!)  Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator – staircase climbing is a great form of exercise.  Go for a walk every day in the morning before work or in the evening after dinner.

Increase your consumption of salads, green vegetables, grains, fish and poultry.  And cut back on red meats, excess dairy products and sugar.  Consume more digestible foods that have less negative impacts on your cardio-vascular system.  And make a game out of it…try looking up new and imaginative ways to make light and low-calorie dishes tasty and enjoyable through new cooking techniques and creative use of herbs and spices that taste great without increasing weight.

And reduce your food portions.  Follow this basic rule: eat less than the amount you use.  By following a basic daily exercise regime and eating less you will find your body soon burning off the excess weight.  This won’t take as long as think; following a program faithfully will begin to show results before you know it.  But the key is to begin now and to maintain it.

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Paint Your Own Elsa Bank Kit – Sale @ Kohl’s

I told my daughter that if she finished lots of lessons in her, I will buy her the Elsa Bank kit so that she can paint it. And she did a great job in finishing lots of lessons. Yesterday (10/15/2015), I bought her the bank kit at Kohl’s coz it’s on sale. The sale price was only $13.99 instead of $19.99. I was lucky since there was one box left on the shelf. I also had a $5 coupon so instead of paying the full sale price, I paid only $8.22. Isn’t that a good price so that I can give a prize to my daughter? On the other hand, my total savings yesterday was $12.35. Cool!

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Summer wear for her

This was one of the clothes I chose for my baby girl’s summer wear. When I visited the old navy store, I fell in love with this. This was not that fancy though but I love its color along with its style. When she wore this one, she looked so lovely.