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Different types of museums

There are different types of museums in which I did not know before. It is just today that I search on it for the social studies subject of my homeschooled kid. And these are the lists of the different types of museum based in Wikipedia dot org:

Architectural museums
Archaeology museums
Art museums
Biographical museums
Children’s museums
Encyclopedic museums
Ethnology museums
Historic house museums
History museums
Living history museums
Maritime museums
Medical museums
Memorial museums
Military and war museums
Mobile museums
Natural history museums
Open-air museums
Pop-up museums
Science museums
Specialized museums
Virtual museums
Zoological parks and botanic gardens

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Palmer Park

Yesterday was one of the days of this week that had a warm weather. This was the reason why I brought my kids at the Palmer Park here in CO Springs. It was the first time for the three of us to enjoy the beauty and the nice play area of the place. My eldest kid asked that if possible Read the rest of this entry »

Kickoff picnic at Monument Colorado

These photos were taken at Monument Colorado’s Dirty Woman’s Creek Park, Friday the 10th of August (Kickoff picnic with COCAL). It’s my 2nd time driving to that place as I visited there last August 8 to see if I “really” can drive at the interstate highway longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Gladly, I did. It was fun meeting the student’s teacher of my son with COCAL. Thanks Ma’am J for being so nice!

Monument lake colorado and a park

This was my first time driving several minutes at the highway. I thought I will not make it but then I was wrong. Driving at the highway was a bit crazy but it was fun. And I love the Monument lake in there in which I just drive down ‘coz I couldn’t find the Dirty woman’s park. On my way up the hill, my GPS commanded to go right, and so I did. It’s the reason why I found the dirty woman’s creek park.

First Easter egg hunt

This was the first Easter egg hunt of my kid and so I prepared everything Sunday dawn so that I can scatter it early morning. When morning came and when he woke up, he said, “Mama, I don’t see any Easter eggs or Easter bunny. I just see cats!” So, I told him to check on his daddy. I then, sneak outside and scatter these 42pcs of eggs. And I can see on his face that he’s so happy despite that he’s not able to see an Easter bunny. But guess what! He wanted to have more eggs and more Easter egg hunting. Sigh!

Fun time @ d park

This was the park day fun last Wednesday March 28, 2012. Finally, I’ve met Catherine and her kids. And my little five year old boy had so much fun with knowing his new friends. Such a great blessing!

At Nancy Lewis Park – Colorado Springs, USA

Soccer Buddies Colorado Springs

For those who want to have their kids enroll in summer soccer fun, check this out at and shop at You can also check their terms on which your child belongs in a group of soccer buddies –

As for me, I enrolled my 5 year old kid at Thursday session since this is the convenient time for me to send him at Play It Now Sports (Central Colorado Springs). The exact address is this: PLAY IT NOW SPORTS, 5025 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. For personal inquiries, you can call them at (719) 330-9642.

Supposedly a fun day but…

Supposedly, my kids and I will join a home schooling group at Monument Valley Park, but then I was too hesitant where to park my car and where to go. The park was huge and the road seemed not clear to me. It was also my first time driving to downtown with my kids. In order for me to reach my desired destination, I just used my GPS.

My kids and I reached there safely but then, the place was confusing, so I just drove back to the uptown, had my first automated car washed, and after that thing, I just brought my kids to Nancy Lewis Park.

It’s fun day supposedly but…right after the fun at the park, my kid was fighting with me again. He was mad ‘coz I gave away three of his toys to the kids he met. So, I told him that I will buy new set of toys for him at Kmart. When we were there, he wanted to buy two sets of toys. But I told him that if he wanted to buy two, he’d rather live at Kmart coz I didn’t have money to pay the things that he wanted to have. When we were out from the store, he wanted to run at the parking lot coz he said he can cross the street in going home. Sigh! What an exhausting day!