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Struggling in my updates

Here I am again, I am feeling like how to start my articles. I have lots of things to write, but I don’t know where to start. I think I am experiencing writer’s block or whatever. With this article, I am struggling on what to type. I even transferred setting on the floor as I feel like I can write more whenever my legs are elevated straight. I hope I can write for to all of my blogs since it is already few days passed since the first day of the month. Tsk!

Oh dear life

I know most wives are being given allowances every month so that they can buy or pay whatever they want to. They are so lucky to have a life like that. They are so blessed in life. Yet, I know even if their lives are okay compared to other women, they are still complaining a lot in life. What if they will put their shoes on the shoes of those who will work so hard so as to pay for their own debts? Oh dear life!