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Authentic Michael Kors Cross body bag

Authentic Fulton MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag FREE SHIPPING
Original Price: $228.00
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Color: black
Material: Leather

This is so Beautiful!

2 top zipper closures
middle snap closure with 6 card slots, and 3 pockets
1 back packet

Height: about 6 1/2″
Width: about 8 3/4″

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Forever love

I can remember that when my stepson brought her girlfriend here at my home, he showed the wedding bands that he bought for her. Those things were so awesome. It had diamonds and it was pure gold. It fitted well on the hands of his lovely woman. With that, I am so thankful that finally he’s able to find the right and the perfect girl that he can call “his true love” that positively would last a lifetime!

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Comfy and warm jacket

In these cold winter days, what I need is this patagonia women s retro x jacket. I just love to wear the most comfy and the warmest jacket of all. I am not born in a cold weather and so my body is still adjusting to the four seasons, mostly the winter since I am from Asia. Therefore, for this year’s freezing season, I just want to dress up with this jacket and all of the clothes that will make me warm whether I am inside the house or outside doing chores and errands.